Councillor D Wesley, Mossborough

01744 882558                                                                                                                                                         
Diane Wesley Chain

Chairman Rainford Parish Council 2014/15

How long have you been a Councillor?
Since May 2011

Committee Membership
Chairman of Rainford Parish Council 2014-2015
Community Development Committe

Areas of special interest and expertise
I was employed by St Helens Council until my retirement in 2006 in the Education and Finance Departments.  I recently completed 6 years as Branch Leader of Rainford Mother’s Union and I am still a member.
I sing in the Parish Church choir and I am heavily involved in fund-raising for the Church.
Over the years, I have been actively involved with Rainford Band and the Boy’s Brigade.

What inspires you to be a Councillor?
I have lived in Rainford for 40 years and during this time I have taken an active interest in Village life.  We are very fortunate to have so many voluntary organisations and a good community spirit.  I am anxious that this should continue and expand.  I am keen to develop a good system of communication to bring together the Parish Council, local business, all the organisations and individuals, by means of the website and regular newsletters.

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